San antonio spurs beat Houston rockets by 123-105 on a new NBA day. San antonio spurs comes from defeating New Orleans Pelicans by 113-122, so after this result they accumulate four victories in a row, while their opponents also achieved the victory last day against Sacramento Kings by 112-129. With this result, for the moment San antonio spurs it would be left out of the Play-off positions with 32 games won out of 70 played. For its part, Houston rocketsAfter the game, he continues in Play-off positions with 44 games won out of 70 played. Check the NBA standings after the game.


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The first quarter had several movements on the scoreboard, although in the end the local team ended up distancing itself and concluded with a result of 31-25. Later, during the second quarter San antonio spurs increased their difference and had a maximum difference of 21 points (64-43) during the quarter, which ended with a partial result of 35-24. After this, the players accumulated a total of 66-49 points before the break.

During the third quarter the local team distanced itself on the scoreboard, in fact, the team achieved a partial in this quarter of 11-2 and extended the difference to a maximum of 24 points (95-71) and ended with a result 32-29 partial and 98-78 overall. Finally, in the last quarter, the visiting team reduced differences, in fact, they achieved a 13-2 run, although it was not enough to win the game and the quarter ended with a 25-27 score. After all this, the rivals closed the score of the match with a result of 123-105 in favor of the local team.

The triumph of San antonio spurs it was due in part thanks to 24 points, three assists and 11 rebounds from Keldon Johnson and the 23 points, four assists and six rebounds of Demar Derozan. The 20 points, six assists and five rebounds of Russell westbrook and the 17 points, two assists and four rebounds of Jeff Green they were not enough for Houston rockets could win the game.

After winning this match, the next clash of San antonio spurs will be against Utah Jazz at Hp Field House, while in the next meeting, Houston rockets will play against Indiana pacers at The Arena. Check the full NBA schedule.