Samurai Warriors 5 coming to Nintendo Switch this summer

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Nintendo had promised that it would carry out a Nintendo Direct full of surprises and the company delivered. Within the series of upcoming releases is that of the new installment of Samurai Warriors and you won’t have to wait long to play it.

During the Nintendo presentation, Koei Tecmo presented a reveal trailer for Samurai Warriors 5 and reiterated that the title will be available on Nintendo Switch next

This game will have improved visuals and will once again give players the opportunity to play against dozens of enemies at once, an iconic feature of the Koei Tecmo franchise.

This new iteration will take place in the Sengoku Era, so you can expect settings inspired by medieval Japan. The developer did not share many details about the gameplay and news of this game, but you can see what awaits you in this new title in the trailer that the company shared. We leave you with him.

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