Samuel García will register in the first minute of February 18

Samuel García Sepúlveda, candidate of the Citizen Movement for governor of the state of Nuevo León, advanced in Meta 21, with María Julia Lafuente and Luis García, who It will be recorded in the first minute of Thursday, February 18.

Registration that, as ordered by the State Electoral Commission, will be made online.

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According to the senator with a license, in 2018 he won the elections in the state to reach that seat with 524 thousand votes, so that, as 2021 was a « fourth » election, with 120 thousand more he would be ensuring the triumph, that is, with more than 640 thousand votes.

“We believe that staying on and getting about 120,000 more votes is enough.

« But we are going for everything, we are going to seek a large majority, » said the senator.

By law, he pointed out, his official registration from the EEC must be delivered within 5 days.

García Sepúlveda assured that his campaign, which starts on March 5, will be one of contrasts, and specified, his popularity in social networks will not be used to upload memes or nonsense.

« Today I am the best known candidate in Nuevo León, » he boasted.

On the other hand, stressed that in Movimiento Ciudadano they are not divided, and that they will not put as candidates, like other political institutes, « the same corrupt as always. »

Similarly, Samuel García took advantage of the interview to request, once again, the resignation or dismissal of Manuel Bartlett as head of the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE).

Which, in addition, assured that it is lying by pointing out that all users in the state already have electricity service.

As in previous days, García Sepúlveda criticized the federal government for not allowing other types of energy in the country and bet everything on coal and oil.