Samuel García assures that the north country works and the south rest

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Mexico City / 13.01.2021 15:56:56

He candidate for governor of Nuevo León, Samuel García, he has been in the eye of the hurricane for his controversial statements, the last one about some people receiving a « little pay of 40-50 thousand pesos » and now, In social networks a video of an interview in which the politician spoke about the situation in the country has gone viral.

Said video is from an interview from 2015 where the journalist Maricela de la Toba questions the then candidate for deputy, Samuel García, who spoke about the socio-political situation in the different states of Mexico.

“There is a phrase that now I know is real, that in Mexico in the north we work, in the center they administer and in the south they rest. One listens to it and is somewhat stunned, because it sounds very cold, but it is real, « said Samuel García.

The Nuevo León gubernatorial candidate also assured that he was sure of his comment because « For each peso that Nuevo León gives, the federal government returns 40 cents. »

« In Nuevo León, for each peso we give to the federal government, they only return 40 cents, but there are states in the south that receive three for every peso they give. »

In the video, Due to the controversial statements made by Samuel García, the journalist tries not to laugh and even covers his mouth with his hand to hide his smile.

These comments, although he made them almost six years ago, in social networks they have revived this video, which joins other controversies starring Samuel García, including a clip uploaded next to his wife, Mariana Rodríguez, where they sing a Christmas song.