It’s time for family vacation photos, swimsuit shots in the sun. Monday July 27, 2020, Samuel Etienne was no exception to the rule. The host of Questions for a Champion shared on Twitter a rare photo of him and his two sons: Malo, 3, and Solal, 5 months old. “Family. Happiness. A great summer to all!” He simply commented. If many Internet users melted in front of the family cliché, some have noticed a detail, not that small. The TV presenter, in shorts, cap and sunglasses in the photo, reveals indeed his chest covered with tattoos. A surprise for those who are used to seeing him in a suit and tie on France 3. “Too badass!“,” Oh mash tats, rock’n’roll! “,” Like you’re tattooed like a pirate Samuel ???? “, can we read among the comments.

His wife Helen hates tattoos

“I am impressed by your tattoos. How many do you have?” Asks a surfer named “Seb”. Player, Samuel Etienne to answer him: “Full!”, Leaving doubt on the other parts of his body. In an interview with Télécâble Sat Hebdo published on May 18, 2020, he confided in his tattoos and in particular his latest, a “huge” dragon, made during confinement. A work which required fifteen hours of work for the tattoo artist. “I have a bitter memory of it,” he commented with humor. The dragon covers its right flank and part of its belly.

Julien Lepers’ replacement confided that his wife, Helen, was not thrilled by this project: “My wife hates it but I feel better tattooed”, he confided. For him, tattoos are “like armor”, revealing his “little punk side”. “Besides, if I could reincarnate it would be a rock star. I am fascinated by great rock guitarists, ”he added. Some will not see their favorite presenter the same way anymore …

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