On February 12, Samuel Étienne and his wife Helen became parents for the second time. Three years after welcoming the eldest, Malo, the couple had the pleasure of presenting a second son, named Solal. A little baby born shortly before the context of a pandemic who despite everything received all the love he needed.

After a little more than two months of confinement, during which the presenter of Questions for a Champion continued to work taking all precautions, as well as a timid return to normalcy, vacation time has finally come. A boon for the small family who will be able to free themselves from the hassle caused by this uncertain period. Samuel Étienne does not seem to have trouble freeing his mind as evidenced by his last photo posted on Twitter. Indeed, the figure of France 3 appeared radiant with her two little boys in her arms. At the beach and with their feet in the water, the little family is very happy. “Family. Happiness. Have a nice summer everyone!“, he also legend.

The image quickly attracted a lot of attention from Internet users, but one detail particularly caught the eye. It’s about tattoos on Samuel Étienne’s stomach. A rebellious and very rock side that some did not know him. “God, he’s a tattooed man .. !!”, “Do not leave the markers to the children during the nap … It draws on daddy’s stomach!”, “So if one day I had been told that the guy who presents Questions for a champion was tattooed, I would not have believed it “, they laugh in the comments.

However, Samuel Étienne never hid from having part of his body covered par a huge dragon. In the columns of Télé Cable Sat Hebdo magazine, he even revealed that the latter had required no less than fifteen hours of work. “I have a bitter memory of it. My wife hates it, but I feel better tattooed. It’s like armor. It’s my little punk side. Besides, if I could reincarnate, it would be a rock star. I am fascinated by great rock guitarists. “