Samsung’s mobile camera application could soon have a pro mode for telephoto lenses | Technology

The latest rumors suggest that Samsung is preparing a pro mode for the telephoto lenses of its devices. This mode would be designed to get the most out of the zoom and get the most of its capabilities.

Samsung mobiles could be considered as exponents in mobile photography. The South Korean firm for a while now has become one of the best options when choosing a team with a camera that is more than solvent.. And, although it may be thought that this only applies to the high-end, there are also more modest teams with good cameras.

They have even allowed themselves the power to experiment when developing devices. From this experimentation his quite crazy proposals have been born, such as the zoom of up to one hundred increases or even the ability to record at resolutions higher than 4K.

Its star terminal of the moment is the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra and it has a huge range of lenses to allow it to cover different situations in the best way. Of course, the Samsung camera application is also responsible for the good results, both for its processing and for its ease of use..

But it is not a perfect application, because there is a way that some more advanced users miss. This mode is designed for professional users and, although there is already one for the camera in general, when switching between the lenses and selecting the one dedicated to zoom, we find that it does not make an appearance.

This situation would end sooner rather than later, as a statement in a Samsung forum from a person who is supposed to be in charge of the photography section has revealed that they are already working on it.. They have also commented that this pro version intended for telephoto lenses takes work when it comes to development, so wait patience.

Samsung has not made any comment on this, although if they are working in a pro mode for these lenses, it is most likely that they have been at it for several months.

At the moment the only thing we can do is wait until the official announcement by Samsung. It will be interesting to see what this pro mode will be like and if it will arrive through a system update or simply from the camera application.

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