Samsung is one of the manufacturers of SSD Most recognized on the market since they began to gain ground to conventional hard drives. Today the Samsung QVO 870 range was presented, a new generation whose purpose is to satisfy consumers who need a large amount of space. Among the different models, one of 8TB, a figure that will surely attract the attention of all those professionals in the creative sector.

The Samsung QVO 870 maintains the 4-bit multi-level cell architecture of its predecessors

The new Samsung QVO 870, which will replace the 2018 GVO 860, maintain 2.5-inch SATA interface, so you will have no problems integrating them with most computers currently available. According to information from Tom’s Hardware, SSDs integrate the same architecture as their predecessors, that is, the 4-bit multi-level cell QLC. The latter focuses on prioritizing storage capacity over speed.

Despite the above, the Samsung QVO 870 offer a slight increase in speed compared to the 860. The read rate reaches 560 MB / s, while the write rate is 530 MB / s. Yes, they are far from matching the numbers of the fastest SSDs on the market, but remember that this parameter is not your priority.

Pricing and availability

The Samsung QVO 870 will be available from $ 130 for the 1TB version. The 2TB for $ 250 and the 4TB for $ 500 variants continue. The three aforementioned models will go on sale from today in the United States, although they will surely not take long to reach other territories. And the 8TB version? Unfortunately Samsung still doesn’t share its price.

Tom’s Hardware estimates that it will go up to $ 900 (800 euros or 20,800 pesos in Mexico), so it won’t be cheap. Yes, the 8 TB SSD will wait until August. Samsung promises that it will be able to transfer 2,880 TB over its lifetime. The variants with less capacity obviously do not match that figure. The 1 TB one offers 360 TB of total transfer, the 2 TB stays at 720 TB and, finally, the 4 TB one reaches 1,440 TB.

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