Samsung would use Android for its upcoming Galaxy Watch

Tizen would be about to become a thing of the past, with the rumor that Samsung would use Android again for its Galaxy Watch smartwatches.

Samsung has managed to position itself as a reference brand in the competitive and volatile market of smart watches with its line Galaxy Watch.

The versatility of your operating system Tizen It enabled you to achieve high-performance devices that made the most of your resources up front.

Nevertheless Android It has been refined a lot since then and it seems that now there is a possibility that we will soon return that operating system to these clocks.

A Samsung Galaxy Watch with Android?

Since SAMMOBILE the renowned leaker Ice universe comes to surprise us. Releasing the report and that Samsung would be working on the development of a smart watch that would run on the Android operating system.

The details are few, which opens the ground to much speculation, since this platform could then be Wear OS, which is based on Android.

At the same time, there is no talk about a specific model of the Samsung family. So this watch could be a Galaxy Watch or some other.

Tizen was adopted as the essential operating system for its smartwatches since 2014, but before that, with products like the Galaxy Gear Android was the essential platform.

The reality, however, is that the new generations of the Galaxy Watch run a lot of apps that have been perfectly integrated into Android for quite some time.

So it sounds like a logical and even sensible step to jump back. But there is really nothing official about it.

It will be necessary to wait a little longer to see if the manufacturer ends up giving us the surprise and says goodbye to Tizen.