Samsung Smart Keyboard Trio 500 connects 3 devices and DeX

The Samsung Smart Keyboard Trio 500 is a very special peripheral, a multi-device Bluetooth keyboard designed for use with the company’s new generation of tablets and smartphones.

The keyboard is highly portable at 27 cm long and weighs 400 grams. It is powered by a pair of AAA batteries, it is offered in black and white finishes and its true virtue is that it can be pair with up to three devices at the same time via Bluetooth wireless connection.

The keyboard has all the usual alphanumeric and symbol keys, plus a handful of special function keys on the Fn row including:

3 customizable “Hot Key” application launch keys. 3 device keys to switch between them. Key for the Samsung DeX.

This DeX key is what allows you to activate the Android user interface on a computer desktop. It was a very interesting original project that, from the DeX Station docks created for the Galaxy S8 and the DeX Pad marketed with the Galaxy S9, evolved to Linux on DeX, now discontinued, although its main objective remains and the Android interface offers on the monitor a taskbar, support for running applications in resizable windows and other functions.

Samsung Smart Keyboard Trio 500

The Samsung Smart Keyboard Trio 500 is DeX compatible on electronic tablets including the Galaxy Tab S4, S5e, S6, and S7, as well as the Galaxy Tab Active Pro. Meanwhile, hotkey functionality requires a tablet or smartphone running Samsung’s One UI 3.1 or later software, which which means that you will need devices like the Galaxy S21 or earlier updated with Samsung’s own layer on Android.

We do not yet have information on prices or availability, but it is certain that we will know news in the next Galaxy Unpacked scheduled for April 28. A very special keyboard this Samsung Smart Keyboard Trio 500 for its multi-device capacity and the always interesting DeX feature.