Samsung prepares the new Galaxy Tab S7 Lite and Tab A7 Lite

In the same way he did with the presentation of the Galaxy Tab S7 and Tab S7 +, this time Samsung seems to want to get ahead of Apple with the presentation of its new small format tablets, with theThe imminent arrival of the Galaxy Tab S7 Lite and Galaxy Tab A7 Lite, more suitable for those with more limited budgets.

Although the arrival of a Lite version of the Galaxy Tab S7 is not really a great surprise, having already seen the same strategy with the previous Galaxy Tab S6, what does surprise us is the arrival of this Galaxy Tab A7 Lite taking into account that the line itself is already lighter in comparison.

And is that the most remarkable feature of the new Galaxy Tab A7 Lite undoubtedly points to be its size and design, with a mere 8.7-inch screen and slim design with a lightweight metal frame, which suggests that we can use it “easily” with one hand.

For its part, the Galaxy Tab S7 Lite is equally intriguing but in a different way. Looks more like Tab S7 + with a 12.4 inch screen and, like the professional tablet, it also has 5G connectivity. Although everything points to Samsung making the cut in other key specifications to reduce costs a bit, such as the removing the S Pen holder.

Unfortunately, there are still many unknowns about these two devices, such as the final configuration of their cameras, or the components and maximum specifications that each model will choose.

Although the big unknown now will of course be in the final price, something for which we will have to wait for the moment until next June, date on which these new tablets are expected to be presented. Although as always, it would not be surprising if we see new details leaked during these months.