The 6 cameras would not be the only novelty, since Samsung is working to equip the mobility cameras

The photographic section of smartphones has evolved a lot in recent years, to become one of the main aspects that we look at when buying a smartphone. Whether for taking photos for social networks or for our personal collection, the camera is a powerful ally for our mobiles.

And we have gone from the single or dual camera to triple, quad cameras as in the Galaxy S20 Ultra or even to 5 sensor configurations like the Mi Note 10, which make the photographic section of our smartphone even more competent, but you have to remember that a greater quantity does not always imply more quality, there are configurations with few sensors that are a real gem.

Now, Samsung is going to take a step forward in this regard, and would be working on smartphones with 6 cameras that would make the results were never seen in mobile photography, Let’s see what the Koreans are up to!

Samsung’s patent cameras could tilt to improve capture

Samsung would be close to the 6 camera configuration, but they would not come alone

A priori, that Samsung is working on mobiles with 6 cameras is nothing out of the ordinary, « another one » we can think of. However, these configurations would not come alone, but would be accompanied by other technology Samsung is working on, which would allow the sensors to move and tilt within the terminal itself.

And it is that, according to the company’s patent, cameras with tilt sensors to achieve better results in low light situations, or where environmental conditions require it, to achieve better results, since sometimes a small adjustment of the sensor angle can mean obtaining a greater dynamic range.

In addition, when recording video, this possibility makes it possible to better adjust stabilization and focus, so it can be quite a change in terms of the photographic experience with the terminals of the Korean company.

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