South Koreans have just patented an interesting invention in the form of “antimicrobial coating” cases and covers aimed at smartphones with a patent that has been registered in several countries including Spain.

Samsung has in mind to launch to the market mobile phone cases and covers with an “antimicrobial coating” so that our phones are always disinfected when touched with our hands.

In view of the global health situation present around the world, Samsung has registered a patent called “antimicrobial coating” for cases and covers for smartphones and tablets, and that among other things will allow make our devices germ free and it will also fight to fight COVID-19.

The “antimicrobial coating” has proven to be effective in combating the presence of viral particles and germs on different surfaces, something that could also reach the covers of our mobile phones if this patent registered on June 30th ends up prospering.

And it is that in different investigations, it has been shown that our smart phones are full of germs and having an antimicrobial case will ensure that no germ can survive on the surface of our phone.

Interestingly, this patent for “antimicrobial coating” It has been presented to various countries such as Spain, Italy, Switzerland and the United Kingdom., countries especially affected by the health crisis.

In the description of the patent, it can be read that “they are protective cases and covers for smartphones and tablets”, so it would be an invention that in principle would also be aimed at other phone models and not specifically at Samsung devices.

To avoid infections through the eyes, nose or mouth, it is advisable to apply an in-depth cleaning treatment to maintain a good level of hygiene on your smartphone. This is how you do it.

Research from the University of Arizona has shown that the “antimicrobial coating” can keep the surface free of germs and other viruses for up to 90 days, so simply investing in this type of covers every three months we could be more safe from this type of infections.

The study noted that once virus particles were on this “antimicrobial coating,” viruses decreased by 90% within 10 minutes and almost entirely after two hours.

As it is a patent, it is not known for sure whether it is a feature that is close to being launched on the market, or simply an idea that could go in the longer term.

[Fuente: LetsGoDigital]