Samsung patents a new phone with a detachable screen that can be used as a smart watch | Technology

Samsung believes that in the future our mobile phones could also act as bracelets or smart watches.

Perhaps in the future it will not be necessary to buy a mobile phone and a smart watch separately, because we will have both in a single device, or at least that is what Samsung thinks in a recently discovered patent.

Samsung has always been characterized as one of the first technology companies to launch new technologies, they already did so in different bets on folding screens, and now we could see something totally innovative.

Samsung has patented a smartphone with a detachable screen that could even be wrapped around the wrist, to act as a smart watch or bracelet. Although the patent was filed in 2018, it has just been made public.

The patent was filed with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), and discovered by 91mobiles, which shows different images where we see that the upper part of the phone can be separated and wrapped around curved surfaces such as our wrist.

A different aspect is that it appears to wrap over the top of the hand, so it does not fully attach to the wrist. As discussed, detachable part has two buttons on the left panel, possibly to navigate more precisely.

What sets it apart from other phones is the upper area with a wraparound screen that could show content such as date, time, and notifications received on the phone. The surround screen would have to be connected to the main phone using magnets or connectors.

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The patent description notes that “an ornamental design for a display device” is offered.

It seems quite unlikely that this type of technology will be commercialized in the market in the short term, but it is clear that large technology companies already have devices in mind that could be protagonists during the next decade.

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