Samsung launches the Galaxy S21 with cheaper price due to the pandemic

Samsung Electronics presented this Thursday three Galaxy S21 smartphones, upgraded earphones, and a device to track physical items, in what represents its bet to compete with the current and future range of Apple devices.

The new flagship phones from the South Korean company are $ 200 cheaper than last year’s lineup overall: the price of the Galaxy S21 starts at $ 799; matching the iPhone 12, while the larger S21 costs $ 999 and the S21 Ultra, $ 1,199.

The reduction in the cost of the models is a recognition of the current state of the economy affected by the pandemic, in which consumers are dispensing with non-essential purchases, as well as a strategy to address increasing competition from companies like Xiaomi.

Samsung said it sees a “fork” in the smartphone market, between consumers wanting the latest technology and shoppers. more price sensitive, which has motivated his new strategy. It’s a similar approach to Apple’s division of the iPhone line into Standard, Pro, and Pro Max models that differ in cost, materials, size, and camera specs.

The Galaxy S21 series has roughly the same dimensions as last year, going from 6.2 inches on the Galaxy S21 to 6.8 on the Ultra model, although Samsung has reduced the resolution and memory of the two smaller phones, moves probably made. to suit lower prices.

In the United States, Samsung will rely on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 888 processor, while other markets will get the Exynos 2100 chip. Both mark a move toward more advanced five-nanometer manufacturing, catching up with silicon already in the late. Apple and Huawei devices.

This year, Samsung paid special attention to its cameras in both the design and function of its new devices. The rear camera module dominates one corner of each phone and adds enhancements such as more stable video recording; better depth measurement for portrait photography, and some artificial intelligence enhancements to make it functions such as digital zoom are more effective.

Google’s Android 11 serves as the default operating system and Samsung offers 5G wireless connectivity and IP68 water resistance on its trio of new devices.

The S21 Ultra adds support for Samsung’s S Pen digital pen, the first time the company has offered such support for its non-Note phones. The model also has the largest screen and battery, the highest resolution cameras, and more memory and storage options.

“We expect the shipment of the S21 series to be around 28 million units by the end of this year“Outperforming the S20 series, Counterpoint Research analyst Sujeong Lim said before the announcement.” The biggest factor that will affect shipping will be price. “

Agreeing that cost will play a critical role, IDC analyst Bryan Ma commented that “Samsung faces pressure from Chinese players like Xiaomi in particular, which has also been gaining share from Huawei and is a rapidly growing threat to Samsung in regions like Western Europe. “


The new $ 199 Galaxy Buds Pro expand Samsung’s line of wireless headphones, marking an upgrade from the 2019 Galaxy Buds and last year’s Buds +. The new headphones they are more discreet, add improved water resistance and increase audio quality, the company said.

Samsung also said that the Buds Pro can automatically switch between noise cancellation mode and let outside sound in based on whether its user is speaking.


Samsung’s $ 29 Bluetooth Galaxy SmartTag attaches to valuables like keys or pet collars and makes those items trackable through a mobile app. This device is ahead of Apple’s AirTags accessory, which is expected to add similar location functionality for iPhone users.

The new phones will go on sale next January 29. The Galaxy Buds Pro will be available starting January 15.