Samsung is not far behind and works on its Galaxy Smart Tag

Apple has not officially announced its new Air Tag. Samsung takes advantage of the gap and seems to develop a similar product: the Galaxy Smart Tag.

Samsung does not seem to slow down and has a surprise up your sleeve. A device of which we only know its name: Galaxy Smart Tag. And well, that’s more than enough to interpret what it is about.

Apple for its part has had an inexplicable 2020 for many. While on the one hand it launched an iPhone 12 that has not been devastating in sales but has represented the jump of the firm to the era of 5G networks.

At the other extreme you have a long line of products that we know exist but have inexplicably not launched. Like their Apple Airtag.

And now everything indicates that Samsung could reach them.

What is the Galaxy Smart Tag and where did it come from

It turns out that the folks at SamMobile found the leak of a new product registration by Samsung under the name Galaxy Smart Tag.

This is by itself revealing enough. And this is how it is described to the Indonesian authorities, where the leak comes from:

Basically it would then be a smart tag and would therefore function similar to what is known about the Apple Air Tag.

Where this accessory could be paired with all other Galaxy products to make it easier to locate each other.

So the Galaxy Smart Tag could be attached to your car keys to find them quickly from your Samsung smart device. In the purest style of Tile.

Unfortunately at this point nothing else is known about the product beyond its existence. But it would be a matter of little time to learn more.

Who knows, maybe even at this rate they might be officially announced before Apple.