Samsung Glasses Lite, AR glasses in video

Samsung Glasses Lite is the most concrete proposal that we have seen so far from the South Korean giant to market some augmented reality glasses. It has been shown on video by the leaked WalkingCat along with another clip “Next Wearable Computing” that shows a more advanced holographic concept of the possibilities of this technology.

Google shelved its AR glasses in the consumer market and its interest shifted to the professional field. The same can be said of Microsoft with its HoloLens, intended exclusively for the industrial and business field. With them out, two other giants are expected, Apple and Samsung, are in charge of bringing these types of devices to mass consumption.

Both have been developing this project for at least five years. Apple CEO Tim Cook has repeatedly expressed his enthusiasm for augmented reality assuring that this technology “was as big an idea as that of the smart phone”, while Samsung already showed some ideas in 2017 and ventured into parallel applications VR with Gear VR and HMD Odyssey under Google’s now-defunct Daydream View platform

Samsung Glasses Lite is the clearest sample of the project shown so far. They are larger than standard glasses, but significantly smaller than the virtual ones marketed so far. If in design they are not spectacular (they are simply glasses), their ability to perform tasks are amazing in the purest style of what we have seen in science fiction films like Minority Report.

And they seem like a lot more autonomous than previous versions dependent on smartphones or PCs, although we cannot rule out this connection due to the difficulty of developing completely autonomous devices of this type, both to offer the necessary performance for augmented reality applications, and to offer decent autonomy.

Although the glasses are new we see interfaces available today, including the Samsung DeX Android desktop experience. This can give you a better chance of being marketed in the short term. Samsung and Apple are on it. And it’s only a matter of time reaching the consumer market.