While it is already certain that Samsung does not plan to launch any new flagship smartphone in the remainder of 2020, this does not mean that we know that there is already a new top of the range on the way. And it is that those already unofficially named as Galaxy S21 increasingly point to an arrival for the first quarter of 2021, with a growing amount of rumors and leaks surrounding them.

While the details about the series are not yet known, it is logical to expect that the Galaxy S21 will arrive with improvements over its predecessor. Although unfortunately at the moment everything indicates that the generational jump will be nothing more than, in essence, an improved Galaxy S20, no major changes in design or build quality but a notable improvement in some of its main attractions, such as the cameras.

So your main improvement could be based on its price. As the Mauri QHD leaker has published, the top model of the new family, the Galaxy S21 Ultra, could arrive available from 1,400 dollars, a lower price than current models That would be a difference of $ 50 compared to the 512GB Galaxy Note20 Ultra and up to $ 200 compared to the 512GB Galaxy S20 Ultra.

On the one hand, it is worth noting that the informant did not mention any specific storage variant, so this price most likely refer to the minor variant of the Galaxy S21 Ultra, possibly relegated to an internal storage of just 128GB. Although the latest big releases are leaving us big surprises and price drops, starting with Apple’s own trend, or even clearer examples from other sectors such as the new NVIDIA GPUs, or the next generation of consoles.

However, the fact that the Galaxy S21 Ultra may actually arrive cheaper than its predecessors might not be such good news, as other rumors point towards the abandonment of the Snapdragon 875 in favor of Exynos 1000, which despite the advances of Samsung, could mean a drop in performance.

With a wide margin of up to half a year ahead, we are left with no choice but to wait for Samsung to confirm, deny, or bring new information to light about its upcoming smartphones.