Samsung Galaxy A52 and A72 release date revealed

They would first be launched in India and then they will reach this side of the planet.

The two successors of the Samsung Galaxy A51 and A71 seem to be closer. It has recently been revealed that phones from South Korean manufacturers A52 Y A72 have a release date. Perhaps the negative is that the ads are for India. But in the same way it is an advance. Also, it gives an idea that it may come to America soon.

The information was leaked by the specialized portal GSM Arena, who also gave an approximate price figure. They reported that two versions would arrive, one with 4G technology and another with 5G compatibility. And his departure date would be approximately mid-March.

Specifically, they state that the Galaxy A52 would cost approximately $ 400. While the A72 would undoubtedly reach 450. Both have processors Snapdragon– One will carry the 720G and the other 750G, respectively.

Specifications of the new Samsung Galaxy of the family ‘A’

Both Samsung phones are very similar. They change only in a few small ways like screen size or battery power. But on the whole they are too similar.

Both the A52 and A71 have an AMOLED screen. The first mentioned should measure 6.5 inches and the second 6.7. While, in matters such as the battery one arrives with 4,500 milliamps and that of the other with 5,000.

Also, both would come with two different options in storage capacity. Both versions could be 128GB or 256GB. The same goes for the RAM which can come from 6 or 8.