Samsung could be the first brand to launch a smartphone that rolls up

Everyone looks like they have smartphone concepts ready to roll off their screen. But Samsung would be more ahead.

This 2020 Samsung it has been shown as a kind of locomotive without brakes. Despite the global pandemic, we have seen that it did not stop with the announcements and news in its line of smartphones.

On the contrary, everything indicates that they would be ahead by much and we would have the new one circulating earlier than expected. Galaxy S21.

And yet that would not be the biggest surprise that he would not have prepared, no. Apparently his biggest project would involve a screen that rolls up on itself.

Samsung joins the trend

During the last weeks we have seen multiple news about manufacturers that are already playing with the prevailing idea for the next generation of smartphones with flexible screens.

Where the display would stop bending to better expand it by unrolling it. Thus avoiding wrinkles by twisting it every time it is opened.

Now, the latest rumors surrounding this trend are putting Samsung in the spotlight. All courtesy of the renowned leaker Ice universe.

The account used its Twitter account to reveal through a couple of posts that South Korean friends would already be well advanced with the development of this technology:

It is said that Samsung could be the first to come out for the next era of folding screens, although they have not released even a concept video on the matter to date.

The hint even in the context of both tweets is that Samsung might already have a screen that rolls up, but only for lab testing.

But there is a long way to go to see that, since, in theory, in 2021 the next stage of smartphones with flexible screens that fold will begin.