Samsung Chile takes you on a plane to photograph the eclipse with its Galaxy S20 FE

The # S20FanEclipse contest wants you to have the opportunity to test the brutal camera of the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE from an airplane.

These crazy Samsung Chile they know they have a brutal smartphone in hand with the Galaxy S20 FE And now they have come up with an impressive contest to prove it during the next total solar eclipse that will bring virtual closure to 2020.

This impressive phenomenon of nature will happen next December 14, around noon.

And for this occasion the country will have the opportunity to observe it (with all due precautions) in a good part of different areas of southern Chile, especially in the Araucanía Region.

Solar eclipse to the heights

So Samsung Chile was not going to miss the opportunity and they have organized a contest under the hashtag # S20FanEclipse, where they seek to put some lucky ones on a plane so that they can portray the eclipse now with a Galaxy S20 FE.

This is an experiment that they had already carried out before, and the company has decided to repeat the strategy but now more robust:

For last year’s eclipse, we had an unprecedented experience for our clients, so they could photograph the phenomenon from the air with a Galaxy Smartphone. And our technology passed the test with flying colors.

The image that Tomás Westenenk recorded traveled the world and generated a great impact due to the quality of the record.

This year we are grateful to be able to repeat that unique experience so that more people live it and that on December 14, 2020 it will be a Galaxy Fan who takes the best photo of the phenomenon from above.

Are the words of Leonardo Lima, Marketing Director of Samsung Electronics Chile presenting this exclusive trip on top of an airplane to experience the eclipse and capture the moment with a Galaxy S20 FE.

All safely

Up there in the air, the winners will be assisted, following all health security measures, by an expert from the brand.

In addition to professional photographer Tomás Westenenk, to ensure the best possible shots.

The dynamics to participate is very simple actually. It is only necessary to follow on their official social networks @SamsungChile and follow the directions with total adherence.

In the end there will be ten lucky winners whose names will be announced this December 9, 2020. So there is little time left.

Even if you bought a Galaxy S20 FE between December 2 and 9 there is also an opportunity to participate.

So this is an excellent opportunity.