This is the ranking with the largest smartphone manufacturers worldwide.

Samsung and Manzana have taken turns in first place in the world sales ranking for a long time. However, things have changed in recent years. Huawei, despite having received severe blows from the United States, has been struggling for first place for months.

We come with new data, since the people of Counterpoint has been responsible for collecting global sales last May. During a month in which much of the world’s population was in quarantine, about 81,970,000 smartphones were sold. These are the manufacturers that contributed the most to those sales.

This is what the back of the Galaxy S10 Lite looks like in blue.

Huawei, at the forefront of the global market

During the month of May, Huawei was the company that sold the most smartphones worldwide. Managed to get hold of 19.7% of the market share, almost a fifth of total transactions. Practically identical were the Samsung figures, which accounted for 19.6% of sales.

Despite the American veto, despite the damage his reputation has suffered, Huawei broke sales records last year. In its good numbers, the Chinese market plays a fundamental role, who has managed not only to support the giant, but also to promote it.

To find Manzana you have to go to third place and take a considerable leap. The US firm reached 13% of the quota, what we can translate into just over 10,650,000 iPhones sold worldwide.

Thus were the sales of smartphones worldwide.

In fourth place we have a curious three-way tie. The Chinese trident, OPPO, Vivo and Xiaomi, takes 24% of sales. Each of the firms has obtained 8% of the total, about 6 and a half million devices sold. Although Xiaomi and OPPO have an important presence in our country, many of those sales were in China, where are the main references.

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The rest of manufacturers, those that do not appear reflected in the graph, contribute 23% of sales. Among them, firms such as Realme, which showed a good level of growth during the past 2019. We expect great figures from the Asian company this 2020, maybe at the end of the year we will see changes in the ranking.

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