Sammy Pérez owes half a million to the hospital for his admission

Sammy Pérez owes half a million to the hospital for his admission | INSTAGRAM

It was on the official account of the Instagram by Sammy Pérez where it was announced that the debt to the hospital where he had to be admitted after his infection rises beyond 500,000 pesos, so it is more than half a million so his family is now much more grateful than ever for donations.

As surely you already know that in previous days the family of the comedian was in charge of spreading the actor’s state of health and asking for a great deal favor to their fans to support the cause so that they can to pay its Recovery.

Today was revealed a official document detailing the total balance owed to the hospital for him internment of Sammy, where you can read that in total they are 575,591.19 pesos Those that were owed, however, a payment of 59,369 was made, for which there are still 516,222.19 pesos to be paid.

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In exact figures it is detailed that the comedian’s process was quite hard so far he continues to be observed, improving very little by little, in addition to presenting diabetes, something that they did not know he had until the moment of being in this complicated situation.

We thank all of your good wishes, a speedy recovery for Sammy and the donations for his improvement #FuerzaSammy were a few words with which one of the famous’s relatives concluded the description of the image.

They also talked about his current state of health and they assured that he is stable in breathing that is still intubated but that the doctor is already thinking about what day they will wake him up depending on his progress.

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In the comments house, you can read several users discussing the price that the hospital is charging, ensuring that there are others where it is cheaper, however, we do not know what situation you were in to see if you entered that place and at that time so we could not support any of those views.

However, what we can notice is that a discussion or debate was generated about it and even some doctors came asking if it was not fair to charge for the great risk they are going through when treating people with C0VID.

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