Sammy Pérez intubated, Eugenio Derbéz reacts to his condition

Sammy Pérez intubated, Eugenio Derbéz reacts to his condition | INSTAGRAM

After the terrible news that the famous comedian Sammy Pérez is hospitalized and intubated very seriously after having infected of C0VID-19 Many users have asked if the producer and former colleague Eugenio Derbez has already reacted to the matter.

This is how many netizens asked Eugene to support his friend who is intubated and hospitalized very seriously although the actor had already shared some words about it but not publicly but directly with the family.

Many were confused and thought that Derbez was not aware of what was happening to Sammy and his situation so review of healthHowever, Eugenio was very aware, only that he did not want to show off his goodness.

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But to clarify things even better, he made a video and commented on what is happening with his dear friend and colleague, “Here I am only that this is my style. I believe that when you genuinely and from the heart help what you do not want to help, no show off. So for everyone, here we are, I think help is not presumed”, He clarified.

“I must say that the Derbez production has contacted the family, they have the phone number of the doctor that the hospital is also having, so well, if they have been on the lookout and all the help is welcome,” he announced Erick de Paz.

What is not known is the actor and producer of entertainment, film and television has been making financial contributions to help the cause since Sammy’s family made public a bank account for those who want to help with the comedian’s medical expenses.

“At this moment we are seeing the need to ask for financial and moral support from family friends and of course from fellow artists for what happened to my uncle,” said Daniel Pérez, his nephew.

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In addition, some rumors pointed out that Sammy had already lost his life, although by the way this was only a confusion thanks to some somewhat crazy headlines from some media and of course because many Internet users are scared and some thought that it had already reached him The time.

At the moment he is still alive but very seriously in the hospital so we can only wait a little longer to see how his evolution turns out in the face of this terrible condition that is hitting the world hard once more.


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