Sammy Pérez has not lost his life, yesterday there was a rumor in networks

Sammy Pérez has not lost his life, yesterday it became a rumor in networks | INSTAGRAM

The famous comedian recognized for having worked with Eugenio Derbez in your program XHDRBZ, Sammy Pérez is alive but very delicate because he has been infected with C0VID-19, as confirmed by Evolutio Prod, the company in charge of representing him and communicated it through their social networks.

Yesterday they were creating a rumor in social media on that he had lost his lifeHowever, the company asked to ignore those rumors and assure that they are media that only wanted to attract attention or gain followers.

However, he assures that the comedian is very delicate and that it is expected that in the next few hours there will be some news about his evolution, it was through his official account that he reported what his relatives already knew thanks to the doctors.

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“In social networks it is circulating that Sammy has already lost his life, which is not the case. It is still delicate, do not listen to the media that only want to attract attention or gain followers. We are in a very delicate moment, the family is also affected, any information that comes out of this page is official, believe me that we only post something when we contact the doctor and the family later we will keep you updated “, they commented on their account of Instagram.

“Do not create rumors please believe me that you are the first to be notified about the situation and Sammy’s health remains delicate but we hope it evolves”

The popular comedian became known that Eugenio Derbez and has had participation in many other programs recently, he was invited to different Podcasts and has always been looking to continue entertaining his beloved audience.

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“We need your support, a grain of sand because the treatment is very expensive and today more than ever we require the support of all of you so that he can get ahead and continue to give you lots of laughs. My uncle is a very good person, ”said his nephews.

Sammy’s situation is quite delicate, he arrived at the hospital with very low levels of oxygenation and his representative is sure that he is on the tightrope too delicate and that he needs a lot of help.

People close to the comedian wish him health and that he gets well soon, however we will have to keep waiting for the 55-year-old actor and comedian Sammy Pérez to get better and to continue to brighten our days with his participation in various comedy shows.

We wish him the best and hope that he will get out of there soon and that he will come out stronger than ever after having overcome this virus that has affected us all around the world.

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