Despite having finished its broadcast almost a week ago, the documentary ‘The Last Dance’ has been so successful that there are many figures in the world of basketball who give their opinion about it. Sam Smith, a famous American journalist, has recently spoken, and his words have raised enormous controversy.

Throughout his career, Smith has been a journalist who has always been very close to the Chicago Bulls environment. He worked for the Chicago Tribune newspaper, and wrote one of the best-selling books on the figure of Michael Jordan: ‘The Jordan Rules: The Inside Story Of A Turbulent Season With Michael Jordan And The Chicago Bulls’, which is set in the ring that won the Illinois franchise in 1991.

The statements in question by Sam Smith have been the following: “There are things that Michael has told during the documentary that are completely untrue. There are others that, as far as I know, have made up or falsified them and do not completely resemble reality But especially in the end he is lying blatantly. “

Smith refers to Jordan’s words about his second withdrawal: “Do you pretend that we think you were forced to leave? He decided to leave when there was no need to. Who forces Michael Jordan to do anything? Obviously that’s a big lie. “

The relationship between the Bulls legend and the journalist has not been good since the 90s due to the confessions that Sam Smith made during that time.