As Deadline reports, actor Sam Rockwell (‘Three Ads Outside’) negotiates to be the main star of a biographical film based on American country music singer, guitarist, violinist, and songwriter Merle Haggard. Robin Bissell, who directed Rockwell in ‘The Best of Enemies’ (2019), will direct the film and adapt the script alongside Haggard’s widow, Theresa, from the singer’s memoir ‘Sing Me Back Home’.

Despite the fact that Haggard enjoyed a long and successful musical career, the film will focus primarily on the most difficult and crucial period of his life. At the time Haggard was a mean-spirited and thieving teenager who spent more time inside than outside the prison, escaping from several California youth facilities, which led him to San Quentin prison as soon as he reached the age of majority.

There he decided to completely change his life among other things thanks to being one of those who saw Johnny Cash perform in prison. The artist ended up signing with Capitol Records, becoming one of the best artists in the history of country music. The story will also pick up her romance with Bonnie Owens, her singing partner and eventual first wife.

Amazon has taken over the rights to both the book and the movie. The idea is for Rockwell to sign up in the future to star in this movie where the actor is expected to perform some of Haggard’s most recognized songs.