Sam Raimi reveals why he directed Spider-Man (2002)

Share Tobey Maguire is already testing his new Spider-Man suitTobey Maguire is already testing his new Spider-Man suit

Director Sam Raimi has returned to the superhero genre after taking over the original Spider-Man trilogy (2002 – 2004 – 2007).

Actually, Sam raimi is directing Doctor Strange and the multiverse of madness, a delivery of Marvel Studios Cinematic Universe which will be released in 2022. But if his filmography stands out for something, it is for the films of Infernal possession (Evil Dead) and the trilogy of Spider-man who starred Tobey Maguire and Kirsten dunst.

Now, Sam raimi In a question and answer session on Reddit he commented on why he was drawn to directing Spider-man (2002):

“I directed the first Spider-Man movie because I was a huge fan of the brilliant character of Stan Lee. Peter Parker and Spider-Man were an important part of my adolescence. I thought it was very moving how much he sacrificed for others. How much you worked to protect innocent people. And all the time she had to babysit her Aunt May and do her homework to begin with. His self-sacrifice resonated with me. He really was a good person. We can identify with the characters in an understandable story. The stories of heroes, like Peter Parker, remind us of what we are capable of. Maybe you are one of those people who likes to be reminded of all the good things you are capable of. Now go out there and do something about it. “

Sam raimi

Sam raimi

You will use the character in Doctor Strange and the multiverse of insanity.

Sam raimi is shooting the sequel to Doctor Strange for Marvel studios and will use the Spider-man from Tom holland. This movie will be a real madness where the multiverse will be present and that means that anything could happen. Hopefully soon they will offer us the official synopsis or a trailer so that we can know what they are preparing for when it opens on March 25, 2022.

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