Salvador Pérez hit his first home run of the season with the Royals (VIDEO)

The receiver for the Kansas City Royals, Salvador Perez, began to justify the spring contract extension and fired his first home run of the 2021 season Big leagues (MLB).

Through the Royals vs Rangers game, Salvador Perez had the opportunity to drop his first home run of the 2021 season of Big leagues, justifying at once all those millions that the organization disbursed for him.

Here’s the home run:

The Venezuelan Salvador Perez punished Jordan Lyles from the Rangers all over the central garden, being a dantesque home run 422 feet to power the first two races of the afternoon for the Royals on Sunday MLB.

Perez he best connected that four-seam fastball at 93 mph to drop his first home run of 2021 in the MLB and being seven hits from four corners to reach 160 career homers in his career with the Royals.

Before this home run, Salvador Perez had only two hits in more than 10 at-bats in the nascent Las Vegas campaign. Big leaguesThis hit being good news for the Royals who gave him a second millionaire contract extension.

Also, thanks to that hit, Perez reached three RBIs in the first three games of the 2021 season.