The Minister of Health has transferred this Monday that he believes that the second wave of coronavirus can be avoided that most experts take for granted. According Salvador Illa, you could get around that great massive Covid-19 regrowth if you keep a “Responsible attitude” and security measures among the population.

He has assured it in statements to ‘El món a RAC1’, in which he has defended making “surgical” confinements (isolate groups, buildings and areas exposed to outbreaks) in the event that this new wave of the pandemic arrives, which has already put the entire world in check. Although he advocates selective confinements, the Minister of the Government of Pedro Sánchez has not ruled out having to confine the country again I hope if the situation requires it. The Health Minister has put on the table, at one point in the interview, that it can be confined by affected buildings or, even, by companies where regrowths of coronavirus are registered.

Over one possible second wave, Illa has insisted that it will be of “lesser intensity and lesser magnitude” than the first because the health system is, in his opinion, better preparedAlthough he has commented that they should work with the worst case in mind. “Until we have a vaccine and effective treatment We must do what we are doing: detect early and isolate cases and their contacts, “argued the minister.

Illa has defended that there is “an unprecedented effort” worldwide In research to discover a vaccine, and has estimated that it will be available in a year. When asked about his management, Illa has assured that he has never thought of resigning and nobody has asked him to leave office, and He recalled that all countries “have been late.”

Refering to pandemic managementIlla has pointed out four complicated momentss: when accompaniment at funerals was prohibited; on March 28 when communicating to the Prime Minister that the confinement should be extended; the positive of Fernando Simón; and when his secretary of the ministry had to be attended by a collapse in the same ministerial building.

About the nursing homes, where a very large number of deaths have been concentrated by COVID-19, the minister has considered that “an in-depth revision of the model of residences for older people will have to be carried out”, and recalled that On March 5, a protocol for the management of these centers was already prepared. that “we already knew they were vulnerable.”

About the relationship with the autonomous communities During the pandemic, Illa insisted that they wanted to be “very respectful of their skills and communication has been very fluid” with all health advisers.

About Miquel Iceta

Lla has reviewed, during the aforementioned interview, the last four months of the year during which the coronavirus pandemic has occurred and its management at the command of the Ministry of Health.

“I’m focused on work” at the Ministry of Health, He has affirmed, to rule out his possible candidacy for possible Catalan elections for the Presidency of the Generalitat, and has assured that the PSC candidate remains the first secretary, Miquel Iceta.