Salvador Cabañas spoke of the consequences that he continues to suffer since his unfortunate incident

It has been 11 years since the former Paraguayan soccer player Salvador Cabañas suffered an attack that almost took his life and took him away from the fields, thus having an involuntary and premature retirement in what was perhaps his best moment as a forward for the Águilas del América. months of playing the World Cup in South Africa in 2010, where the star of Paraguay was expected.

Now, in 2021, the Paraguayan has revealed that he continues to have sequels after this attack that with the passage of time have become stronger and stronger, ensuring that you have almost lost vision in one eye:

“I already have vision problems and I will never recover from that. I no longer see well on the left side and that gives me problems when I get to play, but I’m still standing there”

– Salvador Cabañas

On how he leads his life today, Cabañas assured that at this time he does not plan to leave his native Paraguay due to the issue of the pandemic, in addition, tosigned that the Paraguayan soccer federation has not left him alone at any time and he has some businesses that he can live with:

“I have some businesses and also the Paraguayan Federation pays me to help with the national team. I am calm, yes, I do not plan to leave Paraguay anymore, that virus is very bad. I stay at my parents’ house”

– Salvador Cabañas.