The musical group Revolución Salsera promotes its new song “El hombre no llora”, a composition that has been well accepted by the public, which has positioned it as the most listened to rhythm on all virtual platforms.

With this song that plays nationally and internationally, the group takes flight and continues playing at these times when music is taking a new direction, by the confinement of people in their homes.

“Man does not cry” is an adaptation of the song by Wilma Peña, and which was taken to another style in the voices of, Joe Michael Méndez (Joe Michael), José Manuel Méndez Gómez (Lyon) and Elías Alexander Matos (Alexito) los vocalists of the salsa group.

They were clear in saying that the most important thing in this quarantine is that people are no longer thinking about the package, showing things, and that the real thing is that “we are with the family, friends, when this happens everything we have a new north , it is no longer valid to make disposable music, you have to make music for the soul ”.

The young performers when presenting this single, to which they made a video clip, highlighted that these moments that humanity is going through is time to give good and quality things to all those people who have made music their main company. Worked by the Carlos Bautista y Asociado company, the salsa group, renewed with new voices, comes forward as one of the favorites of the moment.

In a press release sent the young singers revealed that before the collapse by Covid they were preparing a new album and that it was postponed until later. “Right now we are all making music, honoring the name of the group, revolutionizing salsa, making fusions, mixing it with the ballad, it is what we like, I think it makes a new salsa grow and we are responsible for that,” they explained. .

Last year, Revolution Salsera made changes in its structure and presented a new front, which earned it to show a fresh, young sauce that connects for its quality.