Salma Hayek responds to criticism of her marriage; “There is discrimination against rich men”; He says

Actress and producer Salma Hayek denounced discrimination against wealthy men. He also pointed out that they relate their marriage to an economic agreement.

During an interview, Salma Hayek assured that there is discrimination against rich men. The actress replicated the racism discourse in reverse because her marriage to Francois-Henri Pinuault was socially linked to an economic agreement. Both she and the executive have been singled out for being material or superficial people.

“There is discrimination against rich men. One immediately thinks that because someone is rich he may not be a good person, that he could be materialistic, even stupid, that he does not deserve what he has or that to have a lot of money he did evil. Declared Hayek for La Nación.

The producer and actress pointed out that her marriage to the 58-year-old man goes beyond the material, since she shares emotional and parenting responsibilities with him. So she’s tired of being singled out for her marriage.

According to social opinion, although class stereotypes are annoying, they do not carry the same weight as discrimination and xenophobia against racialized people. It also does not have the same impact for women, girls and people from the LGBT community.

Just last year there were various demonstrations and citizen protests against the racism reflected in the murders of Afro-descendant men at the hands of the police. 2020 was a year of anti-racist and decolonialist political positioning. For its part, in Mexico the ENADIS pointed out that at least 15.6 percent of the indigenous population has suffered some type of discrimination through ridicule and offenses.

Source: Vanguard