Salma Hayek in bikini shows her chest from her pool, excites all Instagram | INSTAGRAM

The proudly Mexican, beautiful, famous and natural, Salma Hayek, decided to upload a photograph that was taken while swimming in her pool, showing off her great beauty and leaving everyone with their mouths open.

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It is well known that the Mexican has a natural beauty and great talent, being one of the most successful and beloved by the public since the beginning of her career, for which she has millions of followers and is the focus of attention in everything that does.

Salma appeared swimming on her back, showing a little of her chest in a snapshot that delighted hundreds of thousands, achieving more than 387,000 likes in a few hours and how not to do it if seeing the famous woman like that is the fantasy of many.

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The famous woman is proud of her body and her physique in general and that is more than clear when she shares her photos in bik * ni, where she raises the envy of many of 20 with her spectacular figure.

The Veracruz woman is proud of her age and showed that she is not afraid of gray hair, that is why she made a publication about them on Instagram, but rather it was to fire them, since a new character forced her to undergo a change of look.

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At 53 years old, Salma is proud of her appearance so she has no problem uploading a photo in scant clothes.

The Hollywood actress is married to one of the richest men in Europe, so the woman from Veracruz almost sleeps on a large bed of money, this was known in an annual list where she was placed as one of the women who treasure the most wealth in the United Kingdom .

It should also be remembered that Salma Hayek came to Hollywood and began to interact with important men in the medium, and the Mexican actress has always known how to get what she wants, both professionally and personally, so it is not surprising that have managed to conquer these handsome and talented gallants.