Salma Hayek and other celebrities who have spoken about menopause

Gillian Anderson, Michelle Obama and Penelope Cruz (Photo: GETTY)

Menopause is still a taboo subject in many circles despite the fact that it is a stage that most women go through. That is why familiar faces speak naturally about her is a step to normalize this vital moment.

Salma Hayek has been the last to speak about the changes in her body derived from menopause to overcome the accusations that she had undergone surgery to increase her breast.

During a talk on the program hosted by Jada Pinkett Smith, Red Table Talk, the actress revealed that she had symptoms since she was 40 years old and that one of the consequences of the disappearance of menstruation was the growth of her breast, which also the breastfeeding of her daughter contributed. Hayek also told viewers that she is now wearing a much larger bra size, which is why she suffers from back pain.

Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama, in March 2021 (Photo: 52nd NAACP Image Awards via via Getty Images)Michelle Obama, in March 2021 (Photo: 52nd NAACP Image Awards via via Getty Images)

Michelle Obama, in March 2021 (Photo: 52nd NAACP Image Awards via via .)

The Mexican has been one of the last to break the taboo, but not the only one. In August of last year, Michelle Obama revealed her experience with menopausal hot flashes during her time in the White House. The former first lady had already suffered them in her thirties from the hormonal fertility treatments she underwent, but when menopause came they became more intense.

“I remember having one on Marine One – the president’s helicopter. I’m dressed, I need to go out, go to an event, and it was literally like someone placed a kettle in the center of my body and turned it to the max, and then everything started to melt. And I thought, ‘Well, this is crazy, I can’t, I can’t, I can’t do this, ”Obama explained in a chat with gynecologist Sharon Malone.

Kim catrall

The unforgettable Samantha Jones of Sex and the City has called for more discussion about menopause. “I think one of the reasons why it’s still taboo is because we don’t talk about it, it’s so scary that we don’t even tell the doctor about it. I want to reach out to women and encourage them to educate themselves about this stage of our lives, ”revealed Kim Catrall.

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Emma thompson

The British actress has always displayed her keen sense of humor, also when talking about menopause. In 2014, accepting an award from the National Board of Review on one of the coldest nights of the year, she gave thanks for hot flashes and menopause to combat the cold.

Gillian Anderson

Gillian Anderson, in 2020 (Photo: Vera AndersonWireImage)Gillian Anderson, in 2020 (Photo: Vera AndersonWireImage)

Gillian Anderson, in 2020 (Photo: Vera AndersonWireImage)

The protagonist of The Crown and The X Files does not mince words, which is why she has demanded that menopause be talked about more naturally and without shame. In a 2017 interview with People magazine, Gillian Anderson explained that she had been suffering from early menopause for years. “Admit, freely, that this is what is past. So that we do not feel that we are going crazy or alone in any of the symptoms we have, “he claimed in the publication.

Cynthia nixon

The actress and politician explained to Stella Magazine in 2017 that he was going through menopause at the same time as his wife and that for her it was no drama. “The freedom that comes with not being fertile is enormous,” he said.

Gwyneth Paltrow and Penelope Cruz, on perimenopause

Pen & # xe9; lope Cruz and Gwyneth Paltrow, in 2019 (Photo: Darren GerrishWireImage)Pen & # xe9; lope Cruz and Gwyneth Paltrow, in 2019 (Photo: Darren GerrishWireImage)

Penelope Cruz and Gwyneth Paltrow, in 2019 (Photo: Darren GerrishWireImage)

If menopause occupies a small position in the public conversation, that of perimenopause, the phase between 40 and 50 years in which women begin to experience some of the changes, is miniscule. In 2018, Gwyneth Paltrow spoke about some of the symptoms that she suffered from herself. “I feel the hormonal changes, the sweating, the mood swings, suddenly you feel furious for no apparent reason,” explained the actress.

In 2019, in a talk organized by her company Goop, she invited Penelope Cruz to speak on the subject. Paltrow confessed that her “irritability” was through the roof, something with which Almodóvar’s muse felt identified. “It’s like a roller coaster so intense that you just want to turn the volume down a bit so you can have peace. But I think it’s like that for all of them, right? ”Added Cruz.

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