The Minister of the Environment, Ricardo Salles, affirmed at the ministerial meeting that it is necessary to take advantage of the “opportunity” that the federal government gains from the coronavirus pandemic to “go over the cattle and change all the rules and simplify rules”. According to Salles, press coverage focused on covid-19 would give “a little relief” to the adoption of infralegal regulatory and simplification reforms.

“The opportunity that we have, that the press is not… is giving us a little relief on the other issues, is to pass the infralegal reforms of regulation, simplification, all the reforms that the whole world in these trips that Onyx referred to, certainly charged him, charged Paulo, charged Teresa, charged Tarcísio, charged everyone, legal security, predictability, simplification, this … much of this matter is given in ordinances and norms of the ministries that are here , including Environment. “

According to the minister, the Environment is “the most difficult” to pass “any infralegal change” because “all we do is stick to the Judiciary, the next day”. “So for that we need to make an effort here while we are in this moment of tranquility in the aspect of press coverage, because all we talk about is covid and go on passing the cattle and changing all the rules and simplifying rules”, he said. “From Iphan, from the Ministry of Agriculture, from the Ministry of the Environment, from the ministry of this, from the ministry of that. Now it is time to join efforts in order to simplify regulation… it is regulatory that we need, in all aspects.”

Salles recommends leaving the Attorney General’s Office (AGU) “stand by” to respond to legal actions that can be brought after the adoption of simplification measures and rules out the possibility of sending proposals to Congress.

“We do not need Congress. Because something that needs Congress, too, in this fuzuê that is there, we will not be able to approve. Now there are a lot of things that are just looking, pen. cannibalized without looking like a cane. So, this is very worthwhile. We have a huge space to do. “

Reduce bureaucracy

O Estadão sought the minister. Salles said: “I have always advocated reducing bureaucracy and simplifying standards, in all areas, with common sense and everything within the law. The tangle of irrational rules hinders investments, job creation and, therefore, sustainable development in Brazil”.

The information is from the newspaper The State of S. Paulo.

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