Salesforce and Disney seek to accelerate their content production

Salesforce and Disney Studios Content Team Up to Help Accelerate Content Production with New Technology.

Salesforce, world leader in CRM, and Disney Studios Content today announced a five-year innovation partnership to support Disney directors and marketers through the use of the Salesforce platform.

With Salesforce as StudioLAB’s innovation partner, both companies will explore new ways to use technology to manage and accelerate the content production cycle, as well as to support content creation, from ideas in full development to post-production and commercialization.

Using Salesforce Customer 360 technology, which includes leading applications in the sales, service, marketing and commerce industries, the agreement will initially focus on reimagining production through the following actions:

Develop digital workflows to help manage the production and marketing of Disney Studios content. Support executive decision-making, providing a real-time 360 ​​view of the performance of the media properties. Implement simple mobile-first technologies to help studio staff access updates and collaborate quickly in real time from any device, anywhere.

A union that will achieve great things

“Disney’s creative leadership has inspired entire generations with its moving storytelling and imaginative experiences,” said Sarah Franklin, Salesforce President and Chief Marketing Officer. “At Salesforce, we’ve worked to create a similar magic with our Trailbrazers brand, events, and global community. It is a pleasure for us to have the opportunity to help StudioLAB advance their way of telling stories and experiences with our technology ”.

“The Salesforce platform gives us the ability to accelerate and better coordinate our production process,” said Jamie Voris, Chief Technology Officer, Disney Studios Content. “With Salesforce as an innovation partner, we can equip our marketers and creators with first-rate technology, and thus be able to better offer all the content we have designed for our audience, both in theaters and on streaming platforms.”

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