sales record with 7.8 million sold since launch

That PlayStation 5 has been unprecedented success is a no-brainer. That it is almost impossible to get a PS5 due to lack of stock and global chip problems, a reality. However, this does not mean that Sony does not continue adding numbers to its sales figures.

In the latest financial results of the company, Sony has announced that it has already sold 7.8 million consoles since launch. These figures mean that, in just three months, more than three million consoles have been sold. An unprecedented number given the global difficulties to get hold of a next-generation console.

A spectacular number of consoles sold, considering that Sony can’t make enough PS5s to supply the worldwide demand for your console. A demand that since the launch last year, has not stopped a millimeter.

Almost 8 million PS5 consoles have been sold since launch

And it is not the only figure that scares: during the last three months, the company has also sold another million PS4, which already broke absolute records. And also considering that the launch of the PS5 has not translated into a significant price reduction for the PS4, only testimonial. The milestone, therefore, is twofold.

All this in a context with limited shot put and with a list of titles, the new generation, even smaller than that of PS4 in these three months of Sony’s fiscal year.

In addition, in terms of services, the numbers are going from strength to strength: Sony already has 47.6 million PlayStation Plus subscribers, and the company reported that the 109 million PlayStation Network users in the last three months.

Impressive figures for the video game division of Sony and the PS5, which with each quarter doubles many of its numbers, at a tremendously difficult time for the technology industry, with the global shortage of all kinds of devices, chips and graphics. And consoles.