Sales of cars March 2021: without seeing the end of the tunnel

The car registrations in our country they are still in the doldrums. Logically, the results of this month of March 2021 They are much better than those of the same period last year, since the total confinement began in the middle. Anyway, the automotive sector is going through a very difficult time.

And if we compare the values ​​with those of March 2019, we obtain that the drop in registrations is no less than 30%, and that this year we have had two more working days. Only 85,819 units have been sold between the three channels. If we compare the accumulated of the year 2021 with respect to 2019, the decrease stands at no less than 41.3%.

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See if the records for 2021 are bad. The first quarter of 2020 saw the declaration of the state of alarm, confinement and closure of the dealerships in mid-March. Yes, fifteen days less of activity and, of course, the uncertainty about the situation a couple of weeks before. Even so, in the accumulated of 2020, 32,600 more cars were sold.

Channel registrations

passenger car sales March 2021


The car rental channel or rent a car it continues to be one of the most affected. It is true that comparing with March 2020 the records are much better, logically, but the 19,975 units purchased are very few considering that the weeks prior to Easter are among the strongest for the rental channel. Notice that in the accumulated of the year this channel carries only 33,524 cars.


For its part, the business channel is recovering little by little, but logically at a slow pace and a long way from the records prior to the pandemic. During the past month, 31,889 units were sold for this channel. So far this year it has accumulated 76,395 units, representing a drop of more than 25% compared to 2019.

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As we always say, the channel that matters most to us is that of individuals. Uncertainty is high, there is a lot of unemployment and ordinary citizens are afraid of making a large outlay. To this we must add that we do not know what type of car to buy due to fuel, emissions, taxes, labels, etc. Even so, in March 2021 33,955 units were registered, being the channel with the highest volume.

If we compare the accumulated sales of 2021, with 76,142 registrations, and those of 2019 at this point in the year, with 153,274 units, we see that the drop in the last two years is 50%. It really is a reflection of the difficulties for the private customer when purchasing a car.