Sale of PC case similar to Xbox Series X design suspended

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We know that one of the ambitions of users is that their devices or pieces of hardware have the most power in the smallest possible space. The PC scene has come a long way and some computers that are used for simple work have miniature cabinets. The opposite situation for the PC gaming sector, since the high performance of the equipment requires a good installation with enough space that does not compromise the hardware, but from time to time someone seeks to go in the opposite direction obtaining results in that same direction.

A report by PCGamer revealed the recent order to suspend distribution and sale that NZXT issued on its H1 cabinets, which have a similar design to the Xbox Series X, that is, vertically. According to the information, the decision was made after 10 users shared their experience in Internet forums, where they assured that their PCs suddenly began to smoke or even flames and showed signs of a short circuit.


Noting that there were no problems with the installation, a subsequent analysis showed that there is a design error because the cabinet requires vertical installation of the GPU and to connect it a cable, installed in the same position, PCI Express, is used, which is attached. by 2 screws that, unfortunately, make contact where they should not, causing a short circuit.

After the information began to flow in recent weeks, NZXT decided to suspend the sale of the H1 model and advised those who bought it to keep their equipment off until they received a repair kit that, supposedly, will eliminate the problem.

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