Salac will occupy the place of Dupasquier in the Prustel GP

06/24/2021 at 4:01 PM CEST

The Carxpert PrüstelGP and the Filip salac will join forces again for the second part of the season 2021 from Moto3. After being together in their early rookie in 2019, the czech pilot and the German team parted their ways. Now, after the summer break and from Michelin Styrian GP, Salac He will take the place of his friend Jason Dupasquier, who died in an accident in Mugello. The Czech leaves the Snipers team and will race at Prustel for the rest of the season, sharing the box with Ryusei Yamanaka.

Salac, who took pole position in Germany last Saturday and is 13th in the championship, will work with his former team manager Stefan kirsch.

Filip Salac:“I want to thank Florian and all the PrüstelGP for giving me this opportunity, after the Snipers Team and I decided to separate. I am very happy because the team has proven to be strong this year and I am going to work with people I already know since 2019 I am confident that I will have a quick adaptation with KTM and I can’t wait to start this new adventure. I will do my best for Jason as well. “Florian Prüstel – Team Manager:“After a very difficult few weeks for us, we are looking forward to working with Filip Salac again from the Styrian GP to the end of this season. We parted ways at the end of 2019 and he went to the Snipers Team on the Honda bike. We believe that Filip is a good performance rider and he can adapt to the KTM very quickly. As he was a close friend of Jason, it will be difficult for him to ride his bike, but I am sure this will be a strong motivation for him. “

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