The German explains that the team knew from the beginning Sainz’s intentions

Give details of how they will work with him in his last season at McLaren

Ferrari announced last May that Sebastian Vettel would not continue in the team and that Carlos Sainz would take his place. Andreas Seidl is clear that the Madrid player can play a good role in Maranello in this great challenge in his career.

The McLaren boss has worked closely with Sainz and, with what he has seen from him, he has no doubts as to what he is capable of achieving with a good car in his hands.

“I think that with everything Carlos showed last year plus the experience he has in other teams, he has everything to become a very good driver and I think he has everything he needs to be competitive at Ferrari,” said Seild in a virtual conference with various means of communication, as reported by the portal.

Seidl has revealed that Sainz never concealed his intentions to seek other open doors beyond McLaren. In addition, he considers it normal that a team like Ferrari has noticed him after the talent he showed in the 2019 season.

“We have always had open and transparent communication with Carlos. After 2019 and the strong season he had, it was not a surprise to us that other teams had an interest in him. We learned from his mouth soon enough that he wanted to explore other opportunities and we allowed to explore that opportunity and have clarity on our part while working on our future alignment, “he explained.

The German is not concerned about this last season of Sainz at McLaren. He believes that both parties have a clear goal and that they will work as before to achieve it. On the other hand, highlights the contributions of Madrid in improving the car.

“I hope that we will work again with the same objective, which is to maximize results for the drivers and the team. In terms of how we will work with him, to be honest I don’t think there will be any changes. The best way to achieve results is to have a working relationship open and transparent. Carlos is a very good driver in terms of suggestions for the development of the car, so we do not plan to make changes, “he said to finish.

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