The Madrilenian assures that everything was very “rare” and voluntarily quarantined

He takes off his hat before Andrea Stella: “He is a great guy”

Carlos Sainz explained how he experienced the bizarre situation in the framework of the Australian Grand Prix, which was ultimately suspended due to the ‘storm’ unleashed because a member of McLaren tested positive for coronavirus and those of Woking immediately decided not to participate in the inaugural appointment of the season.

Uncertainty flew over Albert Park for about twelve hours. McLaren voluntarily decided not to run the Grand Prix and several teams joined … but others did not, and both the FIA ​​and Liberty Media found themselves at a crossroads. Carlos Sainz has detailed how the situation was from within and also the return home.

“In Australia everything was very strange, because we were with the press on Thursday and such, everything two meters away, but the atmosphere was strange and tense. The journalists all the time asking why we were there and if it was going to be suspended or No. We pilots had a bit of an order not to panic and say everything was fine, like nothing, but there was soon news before our team member was announced. ”

“So Lando and I looked at each other and said ‘this looks like there is no race’. To return we had no problems, because the team member was on the circuit Tuesday night and Wednesday morning; we did not arrive to have contact with him, so the team told us that we could leave. Later, we voluntarily quarantined each one, “said Carlos Sainz about what happened in Australia.

On the other hand, the Madrilenian has confirmed that up to 15 team members stayed in Australia for two weeks in quarantine and removed his hat against Andrea Stella. The Italian decided to accompany his companions in quarantine and voluntarily stayed in Australia; also Andreas Seidl, although the German returned a few days later.

“14 members of the team stayed and Andrea Stella, who voluntarily stayed to help the mechanics in quarantine; Andreas Seidl stayed a few days and then returned. Andrea was an example, he had a great gesture. He is a great guy”, Carlos Sainz has expressed to conclude.

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