The Spanish wanted to have a detail with all the victims of the pandemic

Incorporates the label ‘#PorVosotros’ on the back

Carlos Sainz has prepared a special detail, which he will wear this weekend in his helmet, in tribute to all the victims of covid-19. The Spanish rider wanted to have a gesture with those affected by the pandemic and incorporates the message “For you” to run the Spanish Grand Prix with all of them.

Spain is the eighth country most affected by covid-19 and we are not talking about what the pandemic has meant in economic terms, but about human losses. In our country, more than 28,000 people have died as a result of the virus.

Hence, Carlos Sainz has decided to have a detail with all those affected by incorporating the message ‘#PorVosotros’ in the helmet that he will use in the Spanish Grand Prix this weekend.

With this message, Carlos wants to convey his solidarity towards the victims of the pandemic, their families and friends and also the health personnel, who have set an example in crisis situations, and those who help every day to improve the current situation. Sainz will race in memory of all of them in his home Grand Prix and he does so with the sticker ‘#PorVosotros’ on the back of his helmet.

The Spaniard has slightly altered the back of his helmet and on the large yellow stripe that existed, he has placed a metallic gray stripe on which the silver gray message stands out.

The McLaren driver has revealed his helmet before the start of the Grand Prix with the following writing:

“For you, those of you who are gone.

For you, those of you who are recovering.

For you, the family and friends who keep moving forward.

For you who watch over our health,

For you, those of you who strive every day to improve this situation.

For all of you !!

For all our nurses and medical staff!

For all the volunteers who have helped in this pandemic

For all Spaniards!

Because let’s stay together!

For you

This home Grand Prix … we run for you “.

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