‘Saint Frances’ has one thing that I personally think is very valuable, even more after having seen where a certain television discussion between an interviewer and an interviewee has derived this weekend, and that is to focus its discourse on people leaving aside the … politics. Some say that every movie like ‘Saint Frances’ should be political, but they are wrong: What every movie should be is human; at least, or especially, those that are like ‘Saint Frances’.

Especially films like ‘Saint Frances’ that deal with such potentially tricky topics, and at the same time, so dangerously biased, whether in a vocational, opportunistic or interested way. Especially films like ‘Saint Frances’, which, leaving aside any possible political channeling to focus on what really matters, people, in turn strips the viewer of their possible rational prejudices to leave them at the mercy of their own emotional dilemmas.

To understand us, ‘Saint Frances’ deals with issues such as abortion or homosexual relationships without allowing them to focus, agenda or distort a thesis that is neither one nor the other. That an ideological position may exist in the background is as obvious as that it manifests itself diluted through what a politician fears the most, the doubt: Those that arise from any person, from any condition in any situation for which they do not have a obvious, comfortable or easy answer.

‘Saint Frances’ is written and starred by Kelly O’Sullivan, and could very well have arisen from her own experiences, although they may well have been anyone’s. The key lies in what has been said, that humanism that can be as much of one as it can be of anyone. In his near. In that sensitivity that little by little, in an affable and relaxed way, it is twinning you with a development that you see coming from the beginning, more for which you also end up being dragged.

‘Saint Frances’ is still, in general, one of those dramas of unquestionable forms and ways « indies », in the good and in the not so good (although not necessarily bad). A raw pear protected in the safety of a well-known and already tested model that, as they say, does not invent the wheel, but that succeeds in turning it with great conviction. In his favor and in our favor, what has been said, that sensitivity that tends towards what unites us instead of towards what separates us. I was sympathetic. Or tie it.

By Juan Pairet Iglesias


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