Saime worker attacked pensioner and took his cell phone

Video captures

A worker from the Administrative Service for Identification, Migration and Immigration (Saime) assaulted an older adult by accusing him that he was allegedly taking photos around a headquarters located in the center of Caracas.

A video broadcast on social networks shows the moment of the discussion: the official took away the cell phone from the pensioner, who claimed, at first, that he was only answering a phone call.

“You give me back my phone, what happens? What lack of respect is that of you? ”The citizen claimed. « He is taking photos, » replied the worker from the public institution.

« You are not talking on the phone », insisted the man, tall and wearing a red shirt, at a time when they both raised their voices.

Allegedly, threatened the older adult with blowing up his equipment that, in the socialist Venezuela of Nicolás Maduro, it would take any pensioner months to buy a new one.

« Why are you going to bust it for me? Disrespect! You are an official paid by us. I am a retiree and I have screwed myself in this country all my life for a man like you to come to disrespect me; to take the phone out of my hand because I’m taking photos, what photos? ”, said the oldest.

At that moment, the Saime worker handed the cell phone to a uniformed member of the Bolivarian National Police. Soon after, as the pictures show, found that he was allegedly portraying the place.

« Who is this that is here? », Asked the worker while he showed the phone to the pensioner in the middle of a slap. « You, you, you, » replied the older adult.

« I’m going to kill you »replied the official. The warning generated the rejection of the people who witnessed the situation. « Whoops, whoops, whoops, » they said.