Sailor Moon and her new collection of wedding dresses, incredible | INSTAGRAM

Unquestionably Sailor Moon has been a global phenomenon since its launch, it has reached so much that fans do not tire of getting the multiple products that are sold under the brand and design of this anime.

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One more proof of this, is that now, a fashion designer, decided to be inspired by the style of the dresses used by Serena and company to create a whole new line of wedding dresses, which you are sure to love. Now you can be a Sailor Scout even on your wedding day!

The renowned Japanese brand Mariarosa was to blame for this happening. The beautiful collection is named Sailor Moon Wedding Dress Collection and was supervised by Naoko Takeuchi herself, that is, the creator of the series herself was present supervising the making of the dresses.

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And as it should be, Mariarosa did not skimp on creativity when making this beautiful collection, because she did not go with the simple details of the anime, she set out to recreate the outfit of Princess Serena, this being the most liked the collection, which achieves a good selection of dresses for all kinds of tastes.

We know that the tradition in most countries is to marry a white dress, but we cannot deny that these dresses have amazing colored details, and we do not know, maybe you will not have to wait to get married to wear a dress of this beautiful collection.

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But this is not all, there are also designs of suits for the groom inspired by Tuxedo Mask, in this way your entire wedding could be 100% Sailor Moon themed, the detail is that we could not find any single price on the page, if you are Interested in acquiring a model from the collection, you will have to communicate directly from the page and ask a few questions to find out all the details.

Do you consider yourself as a fan to make your Sailor Moon wedding?