Safer than ever! Selena Gomez talks about her physique

Safer than ever! Selena Gomez talks about her physique | Instagram

The star international Selena Gómez recently carried out a “Body Positive” campaign and without a doubt she fell in love with millions of people around the world, quickly becoming a trend, as she was more beautiful and confident than ever.

The truth is that singer and 28-year-old American actress is one of the most successful and talented young women in the world of music and film.

However, her physical appearance has not always been the most praised and it is for that reason that she created the make up brand Rare Beauty some time ago, to try to change the beauty standards imposed by the media.

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Recently, the famous singer was interviewed by the SModa site and she opened her heart to not being able to express what she currently feels.

Being exposed to media attention from such a young age certainly comes with a lot of pressure. […] It’s hard to relax when you feel like everyone is watching, judging and commenting on your every move, every look or every wardrobe change, “he said.

The truth is that being famous since childhood is not an easy task at all and although Selena managed to overcome the insecurities that she came to feel during adolescence and even at some point in her adulthood, the singer was honest about the pressure to which she constantly find, waiting to be part of the change to end the stereotypes that exist.

The 28-year-old businesswoman has also become a benchmark for empowerment and no wonder, as she continues to fight day by day against lupus, a disease that has caused constant weight changes and even received a transplant. kidney surgery that left a scar that until recently revealed with pride.

However, the reason why he has become a source of inspiration does not stop in this, since his personal growth is also applauded by his millions of fans, although it has not always been easy.

This is how the American shocked her followers by confessing that the pressure by which she is exposed is so much that this has influenced her self-esteem, a reason that led her to create her makeup line, Rare Beauty, in order to try to give it a twist on the standards imposed by the media, networks, and more.

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I am not here to compete for space, I am very honored to be a part of this industry. I wanted to create Rare Beauty to challenge conversations around beauty. I hear every day, every day, that I am not sexy or cool enough, so I wanted to make a mark to encourage each and every person to be who they are and to try to remove all that unwanted pressure, “he added in said interview.

However, his dedication and strength have been key to overcoming each obstacle and criticism, admitting that he does not regret anything and that he would repeat everything, since he appreciates the love of his followers as well as the opportunity to raise his voice and create awareness. on different current affairs.

Despite this pressure, I would never say that I regret having grown up the way I have. I feel very fortunate to have this platform and the ability to change things, “she told the aforementioned outlet.

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