Sacha Baron Cohen felt fear with a sequence

The actor talks about the experience behind the Rudy Giuliani sequence in the film. Photo: Amazon Prime | Amazon prime

It’s been almost three months since Sacha Baron Cohen premiered in Amazon Prime Video « Borat: Sbsequent Moviefilm« , Which still continues to raise controversy over the statements compiled in this » mockumentary, « including the now infamous interview sequence with the Republican party politician Rudy Guiliani.

Giuliani would have appeared on the scene with the actress Maria bakalova, who played the daughter of Borat only 15 years old (although in real life he is much older). Bakalova conducted an interview with Guiliani as a lawyer for the now former president Donald trump to share your views on the president’s response to the pandemic.

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In short, Guiliani would have been filmed in a situation that was described as « completely inappropriate », so the character of Cohen enters the scene to break the tension of the moment. Guiliani He would later declare that scene was « a complete fabrication. »

Cohen has recently shared new statements on the matter with the actor Ben affleck for ET Canada, clarifying that he never thought that the American politician was with Bakalova To the room. « I mean, I was hoping for the film to do it, but also as a producer and director, I have an actress there and I need to answer for her and protect her, » he said.

“Because we are putting her in a situation with a powerful man who may or may not have been in this situation before. I had the instruction to go in there. I didn’t know I was in bed, « he said. Cohen. To the disbelief of Affleck, who at the time of seeing the tape thought that it could escalate to something that they could not show on screen, Cohen responds « Yes, we were afraid that it would take a turn to a more ugly situation. »

Bakalova would be interviewed at the beginning of the month by Los Angeles Times about said sequence, where she would admit that, despite not knowing about American politics, she knew who he was Rudy Giuliani, claiming to have been afraid of being the president’s lawyer.

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“But I knew that as an actress, it was my duty to do this scene to save the movie. She also knew that she was not alone in the room because Sacha was hiding. I knew that if something happened, I could have my way out ”, she concluded, admitting that she had felt tense in the face of the situation.