Sabrina Mahi, winner of ‘GH 2’, reveals herself as a denialist of the coronavirus

After a first edition that broke with what has been seen so far on television, the second edition of ‘Big Brother’ came with a new casting in which Sabrina Mahi was crowned winner. Far from controversy, the Malaga woman has lived outside the television sets, but, through her social networks, has come out as a Covid-19 denier.

Sabrina Mahi, winner of ‘GH 2’

Mahi has published on his Instagram account different posts in which questions the existence of the coronavirus, as in one in which he shares that « I began to be free when I discovered that the cage was made of beliefs, thoughts, attachments, lies and ignorance », in addition to accompanying it with the hashtags « coronacirco » and « plandemia ».

In another of his publications, he encourages his followers to « regain your sovereignty », while in the image you can read the following message: « Don’t let them indoctrinate you. Read, find out, investigate …« . There are several posts in which the former great sister denies the millions of cases of the virus around the world, as well as the deaths, as she also publishes a tutorial on how to « wash your brain well » or a link to a « doctors for the truth » video for those who « want to really know what is happening« .

What became of Sabrina Mahi?

In addition to the financial award, Sabrina Mahi found love inside the house in Guadalix de la Sierra, marrying Ángel Tous, also a contestant, with whom he had a son. However, they broke up in 2010. Away from the spotlight unlike other fellow editors like Marta López, Sabrina creates fragrances that she distributes around the world through her own company.